Nintendo Switch Emulator

SwitchNX Update Released:

Added new function to convert Switch games ✔
Fixed few minor bugs in Windows 7 ✔
Now emulates control keys 99% ✔

Nintendo Switch Emulator

Play Games Mario Kart 8!

mariokart8 The SwitchNX is a closed source Nintendo Switch emulator for Windows.
Nintendo Switch is a mix between a handheld and home console. SwitchNX uses the same resolution 1280x720 as the console version but can be adjusted.

This site only contains the emulator and not the games required.


SwitchNX allows you to run homebrew games(and some commercially released games) like on the just released Switch console.

You will need to get a bios dump of the Switch, which we cannot bundele together with the emulator right now for legal reseasons. You can find the file(s) here.

Disclaimer: The 'Nintendo 3DS' is not owned by us and are trademarks, copyright, etcetera, of Nintendo.