How-to install and use the Switch emulator

This step by step tutorial will show you how to install and configure SwitchNX on your PC.

1 Download the (compressed zip) file from the download page.

2 If its compressed extract it by double clicking the .zip file and open the setup .exe file.

3 You will be prompted with the installation of the emulator, to proceed click next and accept plugins/addons if the installer cant find them. the installer will automatically install those files and will make a shortcut on your desktop of the Nintendo Switch emulator.

SwitchNX intro setup SwitchNX installation directory SwitchNX setup installing SwitchNX setup finish screen

4 After the installation is done, its time to find a game to load - (instructions on how to get games can be found of that page too.)

5 After you installed everything you can open the emulator located on your desktop.

6 To play a game simply click file>open... and load and navigate to the NS rom file.